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As far as I know, automatically trimming safety buffer happens daily.


Yeah, I skimmed that. Sounds all reasonable. I’ll give that a try, sometime.
Good to know. Highly counterintuitive, bcs. the user gets the action/‘nothing happens’ experience, which makes him doubt his sanity.
Halfplane, seriously?

Yeah, I hope it’ll work similar for me with ‘wasted time’. I know exactly what ‘wasted time’ is and when I have done that activitiy. I know it’s bad for me, but I (or whatever moron is in charge at that point) very much don’t care in the moment. I just care what feels good in that moment (not even to maximise pleasure, but to mainain a very comfortable braindead state (sometimes a flow state researching/wiki-binging into something obscure)). I don’t even try to rationalise it. The (opportunity) costs and long-term effects of these activities are hidden from me. Having the scary high price of 90$ to pay should be shocking enough to get me out of this, so that I can deflect these lesser selves to do something pleasant, that is slightly less easy and comfortable, but often just as pleasant or more (like exercise).

I’m not clear on what happens, when you enter a hugely negative data point for do-less goals.
Say, my goal is to do something for only ‘1’ unit a day.
I happen to have no buffer.
Now I enter a value of ‘10’. Assuming I have ‘no mercy’ disabled, would I get then a buffer of 7 again (the ‘week flat spot’, that I just found out about, by thinking through this scenario).
Would I pay twice now and recommitt with a buffer of 14-10=4?

If I have ‘no mercy’ enabled, would I pay 10 times (or infinity times, bcs. even subunits derail you)?

I guess, I would pay only once, bcs. that’s the only thing that seems to work with ‘no-mercy’ and get the full buffer.

Can subunits derail you or do I have to be 1 >= over/under a line?

The mechanic of the ‘week of flat spot’ is hidden in the ‘goal page’ and you only get to know about it’s existence, if you already realize, that you don’t want it. I never understood, why I had so much buffer after derailments before. The name ‘no mercy’ sounds much more scary, than I actually upon reflection find it, since I never expected that free week buffer in the first place.
I before I just saw ‘no mercy’ and “thought” to myself ‘that sounds horrible and probably is related to not being able to veto derailment charges, since it’s grouped with another option, that obviously is’.

Maybe ‘no mercy’ should be ticked on by default?


There’s nothing magical about 1 unit (you can actually rescale your goal if you decide you like to measure your weight in stone instead of kg or whatever), but you aren’t supposed to derail more than once at a time.

The point of this, as I understand it, is that 1 week is also the akrasia horizon, so if you just derailed, you’re allowed to decide that the goal is a bad idea and archive it immediately. Personally I would always leave it on because I don’t trust myself to pick exactly the right goal (or for something not to change that makes it no longer the right goal).


@dreev, this should go in the homepage quotes :slight_smile:


I default my goals to ‘no mercy’ and if life changes, I untick the box just before the derailment so as to get a week instead. Kind of like a slow-moving ‘uncle!’ button for the goal itself.