Android Widget Mixup?


Hi folks!

My Beeminder workflow involves lots of Android Beeminder widgets. While I used to put them all on one screen (*Lots* of Android widgets on one screen), in early 2017 I switched to a logical grouping, where the widgets are right next to an applicable app. I.e. the one measuring my Twitter time is right next to my Twitter app, so I can see my goal before clicking into it.

(I love this and want to write more about it, but first…)

This worked amazingly for me for all of 2017, until I replaced my Android phone this month. I have been setting my new phone up up rather slowly, and I noticed that I seemed to have the wrong Android widget on the screen, and I chalked it up to setting my phone up on the bus before my coffee, so I started taking screenshots after I set up each thing. It’s not me setting them up wrong – my widgets are not working right. They’re changing which goal they point to, sometimes they don’t refresh for 7+ hours after the goal changes in the Beeminder app, and sometimes when they change what goal they’re pointing to, they show both goal titles!

For a few more days, I have both phones. I know I am running the latest Beeminder version on both phones. I have never seen this on my Nexus 5X, and I have seen it all week on my Pixel 2. I am running Android 8 on both devices. I do not know if I have set up new widgets on Android 8 on my 5X, rather than just continue to use the old ones. I have been using the stock launchers on both devices.

If anyone has any insight, if anyone has heard of widget issues on Android 8 or on the Pixel 2 or whatever fancy launcher Google uses for it, or if anyone has had a similar problem with Beeminder, please let me know. Thanks!


There have been numerous reports that the first boot after the Android 8.1 is “weird”. I rebooted my phone, and things were fine for a few hours, but then I noticed the widget mixup happening again!