Annoyingness straw poll results


Update on rounding - goals that needed an exact integer amount were previously displaying, e.g., “+1.00 by Thursday 1am”. Now they show the integer, e.g. “+1 by Thursday 1 am”. If there were other idiotic rounding things we were doing please post them here!


Does “colors are all wrong” refer to the way they don’t reflect number of safe days, or is it about something else?


Also, don’t forget to include the HH:MM formatting in the app and in reminders! It’s currently kind of confusing going back and forth between the two formats!


I’m happy about the new format! But I derailed the night that was introduced when I thought I’d put enough time in using decimal system and I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have derailed…


Don’t forget about the rounding on the app! I’m still seeing +0.5 +1 + 1.5 on the app.

Otherwise, this is great!


I might be missing something here - isn’t that rounding correct? Or maybe you’re referring to the fact that if this is a goal where you can only enter integers, the .5 doesn’t make sense. In that case that’s a different issue that we haven’t fixed (yet).


Yes, it’s an integery goal. I thought that’s what you were referring to with the rounding, since I’m now seeing +1 +1 +2 on the website


Good question. That was from the daily beemail straw poll. Was that you, @windairen?

In any case, making the colors always match the safety buffer (which involves getting rid of the whole notion of lanes of the yellow brick road – aka the “yellow brick halfplane” project) is a big goal of mine for 2017.


That was me! And yes, it’s about the colors not accurately reflecting the number of safe days. I do a double take every time I see an orange goal with more than 1 day left. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but I’m not. Super excited for the yellow brick halfplane! :slight_smile:


[√] Do-less goals don’t enforce limits.


Having to refresh to see tab contents really bugs me. Is the cause of that issue known? Do you need replications or anything?