Beeminder-Clozemaster integration?


Apropos of something I just wrote on my blog about learning to comprehend Italian, I wanted to ask if anyone knows what’s happening with the Clozemaster integration?

I saw something (perhaps in one of the daily emails?) about the fact that this was about to happen, but maybe I just dreamed it.

Anyway, anyone know what’s happening with this?


Sorry for the delay and the teasing! :slight_smile: Here’s what we have so far and would love to start getting feedback:


Hello! Was wondering if there was any chance to change it so one could pick between counting points, and counting sentences? As the number of sentences someone has played is on their profile so that could make another odometer type goal!


What are the chances of getting a setup where we can pull the scores for individual language combinations? Should be straighforward, from what I can tell - right?