Beeminding different Garmin Activity types


The recent Garmin integration is great. However, I would like more fine grain control over what garmin activities are associated with a particular goal. I own a Forerunner and use it for running, biking, and swimming. I would like to setup goals for each sport (e.g. Bike 2x a week, Swim 1x week, Run 20 miles a week). Is this type of support coming to the integration?

In the meantime has someone rigged up a screen scraping solution for Garmin (since they don’t beleive in open APIs) to do the type of goals I’m looking for?


I’ve setup a Garmin goal ( ) for activities and “RUNNING” is added as part of the description
So it’s probably possible. One of these days I hope to have a swimming activity and will let you know how it comes in… :slight_smile:

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Yes, swimming could be tracked separately

Mega Feature List (and Premium Revamp Discussion)

How do you Beemind different activities from Garmin devices? I would love to be able to add swimming to my Beemind list, but I can’t currently figure out how to do that.


At the moment you can not do this directly from Beeminder
But you can do the following

  1. sync Garmin to RunKeeper via Tapiriik ( free or $2/year for automated syncing)
  2. connect RunKeeper and Beeminder to Zapier ( the free plan will cover you for 100 activities/month)
  3. create a Zapier task that filters only the swimming activities from RunKeeper and trigger Beeminder to add a datapoint
  4. optional: connect Zapier with Pushover ( one-time fee of $5) and you can get a notification to your mobile when the whole process has run (e.g. after the data point has been added on Beeminder)