Beeminding in the UK


It occurs to me that there might be a bunch of us on this side of the pond.

Any interest in a London meet-up?


I’m interested if it’s held in the next 48 hours :wink:


Sadly this has been conference fortnight. First was Intersection, the enterprise design conference, in Copenhagen, and then the big European enterprise architecture conference this week. Can probably manage a hello, but not much more.

Your next world tour might make for a good date to plan around, though.


I’m on the right side of the pond, but not really close …


I’m up the road in Reading, so it should be pretty straightforward to hop on a train down.


I’m over by Cambridge, but it’s pretty easy for me to get into London. I’d be up for a meetup.


I’ll be in London June 28-July 9. It’d be nice to put faces to names.


Perthshire is a long way to travel from, I’m afraid, but if a meet-up coincides with one of my trips south, I’ll see what I can manage.


As a Londoner I’d certainly be interested, although I’m out of the country until this Friday, and then again from the beginning of July.


Potentially interested but access from Leicester requires booking time and trains early.