Building a Second Brain / Personal Knowledge Manangement


Hi folks!

I think the weakest part of my “system” is knowledge management. I’m doing a fine job, I think, but it’s definitely weak comparatively.

I ran into a Forte Labs seminar course thing, Building a Second Brain ( Does anyone have any experience with that course, or any other Forte Labs courses?



I was in the second iteration of the live class last year and I recommend it heartily. I’ve been using the Building a Second Brain approach for over a year and I expect to continue to follow it indefinitely.

I don’t know that BASB pays off for everyone. I’m in the group of people for whom GTD really works and I know many people don’t find it particularly easy to stay with. BASB can be somewhat similar: you have to work to make it pay-off.

There are two ways you can get a sample:


If it’s a tenth of a value that GTD was, $400 is a bargain.