Cal Newport's Top Performer Course


Cal Newport (author of So Good They Can’t Ignore You and Deep Work) has an online course on systematically building career skills, called Top Performer. I’ve really liked his books and I’m intrigued by the course, but the price tag is fairly steep ($500!). Has anyone here tried it?


Steep, or effectively free, depending on results… :slight_smile:


Dehowell - I’m giving it a go. I’ve followed/learnt from the two principles for quite awhile now, so I felt confident making the investment. The 8-week course has just started today. I’m very hopeful to learn/gain some significant professional capabilities here. We’ll see. I can report back with my learning/impression in a month or two.


Hi tyelmene,

I am interested in the course. It’s just opened this week. How was your experience with it?


I’m interested, too, @tyelmene! (Tagging to increase odds that you see this revived thread :slight_smile: )