Does the Withings connector work with Nokia Body?


Withings doesn’t exist as a brand anymore. It’s Nokia now. New scales are sold as Nokia Body. If I buy the new scales, will the integration with Beeminder work? I’ve tried connecting to Withings’ API and it seems to connect to new Nokia account, so this is encouraging. However it would be helpful to have an official confirmation before purchase.


Sorry for the slowness on this question! I haven’t verified it personally (the Withings hardware is so good that our scale from ~10 years ago – before they were available in the US! – is still rock solid) but I’m certain enough it will still work that for the first person to buy one and report back here, we’ll either quickly make it work (if there’s something we have to do on our end) or reimburse you for the cost of the scale if not!


Well that’s good to know :wink: Hope I’m the first person to confirm Nokia Body working with Beeminder.


Just wanted to confirm Nokia Body works with Beeminder :blush:

You need to select Withings device (which don’t exist anymore :wink: ), but it works just the same.