How to monitor internet use?


Do any of Beeminder’s associated apps help to monitor internet use? If not, how best to do that?

What I’d love is an app that totals up time spend on the internet and on particular sites. There seem to be plenty of these, but is there one that integrates into Beeminder?

Windows + Android 4.4.2 would be best, failing that, just windows.

Of course I could search the spec of all the listed apps but then I would waste even more time on the internet!

Many thanks





Excellent, thank you! Do you know, does Beeminder need the paid-for version of Rescuetime, or will it work with the free Lite version?


It works with free.

I started using the pay-for version of Rescuetime so I could get alerts
after a certain period of time on my phone and computer for Twitter use.
The alerts are part of pay-for Rescuetime, and have nothing to do with


That’s great, many thanks.