Please let me rename archived goals


I mostly just want to delete my archived goals, but in the absence of that a thing that’s really quite annoying is that I have to restart a goal in order to change its slug so it gets out of the way of the goals I’d like to replace it with. Would it be possible/easy to make it so that I can at least change the name of an archived goal?

This is particularly topical for me because I have a goal I’d like to make public that currently has an annoying ‘2’ at the end of it because it replaces an older goal that had the same name but a slightly different structure that I didn’t want to restart, but it’s also generally annoying.


Agree about renaming, but its not a big deal because you can delete archived goals with the trash can on the archived goals page.


Oh, cool! That’s new, and I didn’t know it was there because it’s not visible on the archived goal itself. Thanks!


Secondary bugabee I guess: I’d have been much more likely to notice that if it were on the goal itself :slight_smile:


Thanks @lolernie2 for pointing this out, and @drmaciver for the original report and the suggestion to put it on the goal page as well. I’ve added it to the Trello board:



Please allow me to rename archived goals. I don’t want to delete a goal pretty much ever (that would destroy potentially interesting data), but I do want to move it out of the way so I can reuse the name. Currently I try to remember to rename the goal before archiving, but that’s obviously a hack.