Pushing my buttons


Remember when we got those Beeminder-branded Flic buttons? We gave most of them away, but we did keep one for ourselves at the beehive, too.

It sat around our house forgotten for months until, about a month ago, I was calling the dentist to make some long overdue appointments and I decided to set up a flossing goal for myself. I’ve set it up so that when I push the flic, IFTTT sends a datapoint to my newly minted goal and it’s great! My dentist is gonna be so proud.

Having a little physical button that I poke is surprisingly great. It is stuck to the upper corner of our bathroom mirror and every time I’m in the bathroom I notice it and that reminds me to floss my teeth and then I get to push it and my phone makes a soft little ding and it is soo good. Just the tiniest little plink of “yay! i did a thing”. I’d almost do it just for the little ding – Almost. Beeple, I think that this “behavior change” stuff might actually work! :wink:


I love this idea! Question: what are Flic buttons and how can I get them? I have several goals, like flossing, that I currently can’t automate data entry for, so having something like this would really make that process a lot smoother for me.


You can get Flic buttons at flic.io and there’s an old and overwhelming thread here on the forum with other options for similar buttons: