Syncing Delays..


Just started using Beeminder in 2017 and absolutely love it. Its possibly the greatest secret weapon i have ever discovered, so excited to see what results it can help me produce.
QUESTION: Ive now hooked up my Garmin device and notice a large delay in the syncing. I was curious to know if there was a standard amount of time to wait for these apps to sync with Beeminder or if it was generally supposed to be instant? In the case of Garmin it seems to take half an hour before the data is retrieved from Garmin to Beeminder even when i hit the retrieve data button. is this normal? thanks for the help!


30 minutes even when you’re pressing the retrieve data button definitely sounds too long - it might not be instant but it should be on the order of seconds, not minutes… we can take a look at it! Feel free to email support with any additional details or updates if it’s gotten faster, or add them to the thread here.


maybe the problem is more with garmin than anything else, but after successfully sycing the watch with the app, I tried syncing to beeminder at about 7:30, nothing, then again 10 mins later, nothing, hopped in shower, and it was loaded by 8:00 when I got out. this has been my routine for my 4 runs, as long as i hop in the shower, it appears on beeminder by the time i get out! :slight_smile: @support (not sure how to tag support…?)


Sync delay got me derailed, still yet to get my refund.


Uh oh! I’d ping them again, @Benjamin.

I had issues where IFTTT delays on third-party triggers (Gmail!) caused derails 3 weeks in a row, and just said so in the legit check email and didn’t have a problem.


As the legit check emails say, any kind of technicality is grounds for stopping the charge. Just that direct-messaging me here in the forum is going to be slow. (I realize you’re stuck in China and can’t access your email.) Anyway, we’ll get it sorted.

And just to reiterate so anyone else seeing this knows: we always believe you if you say you derailed due to a technicality (unless you weaselproof yourself, in which case it pretty much needs to be Beeminder’s fault to get out of the derailment).


Do you have a good working relationship with the Chinese government?? Beeminder site is slow as **** on my China UniCom 4g connection. But other western websites I use are at normal speed.

Can any other beeminder users from China confirm?


It’s slow for me too in Shanghai. I think it’s because we’re fetching external javascript from Google’s CDN, and the page doesn’t load fully until that request either fails or falls back to he browser cache. You might be able to adjust the browser settings to always have it use the cache.


Relying on Google for the normal functioning of your website effectively means non functional in the PRC. I assume beeminder has virtually no client from PRC, the largest educational market in the entire planet!


New Update: garmin now syncing with Beeminder within about 8 minutes of me logging the run on the app. Happy camper here!


god beeminder is absolutely unusable in China, long loading time only to disconnect 70% of the time to refresh a page.

If you are in China, beeminder should automatically refund any charges.


Are you serious? I lose the ability to reset the goals after competing it?