TagTime iPhone


I see there has been previous chatter about working on an iPhone implementation. Everything looks dead, so I am joining in by starting my own attempt. The current state of play has:

  • Prompts using notification centre according to the official ping schedule.
  • Notifications go through to the watch.
  • An application badge shows the number of missed pings.
  • The main view lists the history of pings, and the pings needing tagging
  • There is a VERY rough input method for adding tags

There is a lot on the development backlog, but I will, at some point, need testers. Let me know if you are interested. At a high level, there will be…

  • Beeminder integration
  • Charts

More importantly, I will need a name for it. TagTime is probably not allowable - suggestions welcome.




Ooh, wonderful! And I’d say the first iOS implementation can totally take the name TagTime if you want…

I don’t have an iPhone myself but I know tons of people who will be very excited about this. @chipmanaged is the first to come to mind. @apb would probably use it too.


“iTagTime”? (Although Apple probably won’t like that.)


OK, TagTime it is… I am now happy with the method of saving tags for a specific pingtime, and next weekend will do a bit of tidying up at which point I will be submitting a request to Apple to start early testing with TestFlight.


I’d be keen when you’re looking for beta testers.