Take the Beeminder founders' money


Road Editor went off.

[[confirmed! $30 owed to @nevan]]


I’d say there’s a better way to monitor it. There’s even an API you can use! My method is pretty crude.


Forgive me if I misunderstand, but didn’t you blow that blog post last night?


The blog goal should’ve been safe. We actually finished it around midnight and then scheduled it to auto-post a couple minutes before the deadline. Not to taunt you all (!) but to give the author, @tierrabluebird, time to vet our last edits before it went live in the morning.

If you refreshed http://beeminder.com/meta/blog at 5:59am or later it should’ve been in the green. Eager to hear if that wasn’t the case!


I just didn’t know how to read your graph properly. I saw it hitting the red line, which made it look like that’s what happens when it blows the timing? What’s the red line for?


If I had stayed up until 559 watching it I would have been pretty annoyed to hear you timed it that way though :slight_smile:


Ah, let us explain! https://blog.beeminder.com/glossary/#eep

Ha, that’s super fair! But it’s so par for the course for us to be legitimately down to the wire. Like I’m usually making edits in the literal last seconds before the deadline. So I guess occasionally being artificially down to the wire doesn’t seem like a big deal in light of that. :slight_smile:


Oh so if I’m understanding right, then it wouldn’t even have mattered if it was past 5:59, you would have had the whole next day to catch up?


No, we had the whole previous day. 6am was the hard deadline!


Ah! okay




I finished it with plenty of time to spare but forgot to update the goal today, so I guess by “spirit of the goal”, it’s not a legit derail.