Watch less TV shows


How can I set up a goal not to watch more then 5 episodes in a week?


I would probably go with a Do Less. Set up a button widget with a IFTTT so that you could just press a button on your device every time you watched an episode. I used a workflow like this with coffee consumption, etc. However Do Less goals have psychological implications and if you suddenly stop tracking the goal, you may temporarily start watching even more TV than you used to in the first place.


Yes, this came to mind, but I don’t see Do Less button. I see only Do More, Loose Weight, Gain Weight. Where can I find it?


Yes, you need a basic subscription for that. I should stop assuming people have that. :slight_smile:


Ouch. Ok, I’ll see how it works with my dayly steps and going to bed in time, and then may be subscribe. Thank you very much for your time!


Do Less goals are somewhat controversial, guys usually recommend reframing them as Do More goals (days with less than 5 episodes watched?), I think you could try that, especially if this is the only goal that requires Do Less in your opinion.


Welcome @sugarbaby!

More days without television seems like a good approach. That’s what I’d do.

That might be tricky if you’re ok with watching 5 episodes in one evening, and then nothing the rest of the week.

Also, remember that you can set the slope to something easy to begin with, and make it more aggressive as the habit sets in.


Yes, it’s like that, my goal is not to watch more than five episodes in a week. It sure can be all five in one evening, so I can not imagine how can I state this goal in Do More terms.


In the purest form, and this is ridiculously tied to the limit of 5 episodes per week, you could set a do-more slope of 30 per week, and record up to 5 points for every day that you didn’t watch anything.

i.e. 5 points for no episodes, 4 points for one episode, down to 0 points for five episodes, and negative points for a full-on binge.

The beauty (or horror) of Beeminder is that if you manage to go longer without watching anything, your binge-budget gets bigger…

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Wow. It’s really sophisticated logiс. As for the binge-budget it’s probably ok. I think, I’ll give it a try, thank you very much, @philip