weight showing in kg


I am trying to set up a weight loss goal and beeminder has synced with my withings scale. However, my weight is showing in kg and I don’t know how to change it. Can anyone help me?


Take a look at the settings tab of that goal. I’m not sure, but I think it might be possible to change the “Goal Units” there.


Well, @openmedi is right that goal units are in goal settings. But that’s just what’s displayed; it doesn’t change what we pull from Withings. I thought that we magically used whatever you have set in Withings itself. Is that not seeming to be the case for you?


It wasn’t actually. My scale was set in pounds online but kg showed up in beeminder. However, someone there fixed it for me.



so, i checked out the withings goal creation, and there’s a select for pounds vs kilograms, but it’s kind of ugly, and i see how you could miss that:

Double checked and it seems to be working too :slight_smile: