YNAB API + Beeminder = YES PLEASE!!!


Hey, all! I know I’m not the only YNAB (You Need a Budget) user who’s also a Beeminder user. Daniel has given me the go-ahead to make this post as a way to collect suggestions for integrating Beeminder with the newly released YNAB API.

My own YNAB goals, all of which are currently manual, but which I’d love to turn automatic:

  • A do-more of reconciling my accounts X times per week
  • A reverse odometer (cumulative do-less that resets every month) for spending in my “lunch” category
  • A do-less of categories I have to WAM (move money from a different category to cover overspending) per reconciliation
  • A do-more to update my YNAB forum journal (I imagine this probably doesn’t connect to the app’s API, so it might have to stay manual)

I also have a do-less “delivery” goal that I update manually whenever I get takeout or delivery (and I’ve recently revised it to be triggered when I get lunch out or go out to eat in a restaurant as well), which could probably be automated as well, by triggering whenever there was a new transaction in my “delivery”, “lunch”, or “restaurant” categories, though I imagine that would probably be a bit more complex to set up.

What YNAB-Beeminder integrations would y’all like to have?


I want a “uncategorized transactions” one, and do-more reconciling my accounts X times per week.

A few weeks ago, I did request YNAB API access… haven’t heard anything yet. :frowning:


YNAB is the best. :slight_smile:

It’d be interesting to be able to have a goal to increase the Age of Money metric. Also, how about one for getting your To be Budgeted category to zero once a month? Or how about one for reaching a savings goal in a particular category?


Love YNAB, auto bank sync doesn’t work for Non-US users though and for various reasons I reverted to YNAB4.

My main goal was to make sure that I use the app to add spends, not-out-of-sight, not-out-of-mind and all that re:budget.

My current link with Beeminder is therefore pretty basic. I use Zapier to monitor one of the subfolders of the YNAB Dropbox which gets automatically ‘updated’ when you add a transaction via the App.

Any update = +1 to Beeminder do more goal.


When I used to track spending (before YNAB), by far the most important metric was until when I would have to wait before I was allowed to spend money again per-envelope. The mobile spreadsheet featured that prominently.