Beeminder meetup in Portland in September

Gauging interest in a Beeminder meetup, most likely right after the Quantified Self conference, which is 2018 Sept 22-23 in Portland…

  • I would conceivably attend such a thing!
  • I won’t realistically get to Portland in September
  • I might attend a Beeminder meetup in my own city sometime

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Don’t be shy about checking boxes if you have any interest at all. We’ll do proper RSVPs later if we need them.

PS: See also our blog post about Beeminder scholarships to attend QS18!

Seattle! Seattle! Need I say more?

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Ooh, yes, we had a meetup in Seattle a year ago and it was really awesome!

So the list of past meetup cities, if I’m not forgetting any, is:

  1. Portland
  2. New York
  3. San Francisco (a pretty huge one, in a park)
  4. Amsterdam (hi @bcool)
  5. Seattle

Sadly, my travel budget is all tied up with getting back to Japan in the fall.

I’ve also saturated my weekends with goal activities, which leaves too little time for trips.

I don’t expect to be living in any big US/european cities through next year, but maybe a Portland visit will be possible then. :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: We have a quorum! Details to follow but save the date! 6-8pm on Saturday, September 22nd.


See some of you soon!