Beeminding Impulsive, Sporadic, and Semi-Unconscious Unwanted Behaviors

Curious: Have any of you successfully beeminded behaviors that have the following attributes?

  • Impulsive
  • Sporadic
  • Semi-unconscious
  • Unwanted

I’m thinking things like nail biting or (these days) touching your face, though I’m interested in things that have worked for behaviors that only partially fit this description, too.

I’ve manually beeminded posting/commenting on Facebook for some time. Lately I haven’t managed to keep a proper record, but it’s been a partial success.

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I have beeminded nail picking, swearing, and nail-biting.


@adamwolf How did you structure those goals? How did they work for you?


I made some Do Less goals, and I gave myself a huuuge safety buffer at the beginning, so I got into the habit of data entry throughout the day. I gave myself easy goals, and then tightened them up. For some of them, I used a rubber band that I wore as a bracelet and switched arms on, which meant I had to add a datapoint.

For me, logging and graphing my progress gives me a lot of the boost I need to get things done. I know most folks aren’t like that, so this may not help. :slight_smile:


@adamwolf Am I correct in assuming you were using simple do-less goals, posting a 1 every time you engaged in the behavior?

Yup! I’ll edit the original post for clarity.

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