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Beeminding IPhone pickups (Do less)

My iPhone XR has 3 different apps (Screentime, RescueTime and Moment) that know how many iPhone pickups a day I have done and Moment even has notifications to tell me to stop being a phonaholic, but it’s not really changing my behavior.

I am tired of compulsively picking up my phone and checking it for I don’t even know what anymore. I’ve turned off most phone notifications except phone and messages and don’t have any social media accounts (other than linkedin for my career, which I check maybe once every 3 months), so there’s really no reason for me to compulsively check my phone all the time. I just got into this bad habit at some point and I still have this compulsion to check my phone all the time that I’m aware of and annoyed by but haven’t managed to beat.

Is there any way for any of those apps (or some other app) to integrate automatically with Beeminder so I can Beemind the number of pickups without having to enter it manually? I don’t care about total time on my phone because I use Kindle on my iPhone to read library books that aren’t available to check out in print, so I could spend hours on my phone and have it be totally in line with my values, but tons of pickups is not. Has anyone else found a technological solution to this?


I’m not sure how those apps are tracking pickups. I don’t believe there’s any “official” API that would allow an app to access the number showing up in ScreenTime, but it would be possible, in theory, for those apps to use other API’s. But maybe I’m just not looking in the right place!

Do the numbers from Moment and RescueTime always match what’s in Screentime?

I definitely would love to be able to Beemind this!


Wow, you know, I’ve never checked that before but they are really close! I just checked and I have 32 in Moment and Screentime and 31 is RescueTime. If only Beeminder could get any of those numbers without me having to enter it manually, that would be so awesome.

Not all pickups are a problem. These days I have to pick up my phone to log into my campus VPN to do work and to log into my bank and some other productive sites, or check messages or answer the phone, but most of my pickups are not productive, they are compulsive.


There is an App called Shortcut on the iPhone. I use it to send a notification to my watch when I open facebook. You could use this for any other app. I did not figure out how to direct the message to beeminder bot but it could be possible.

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