Body Stats Graphics

Dear Beeminder,
I love graphics! I especially love your graphs of my stats over time and that’s what really keeps me coming back to Beeminder.

I also love the new body stats graphics (my goal is weight-loss-oriented), except for the pessimistic one. It’s like WAAAAAY pessimistic, 60 pounds more than my current weight. It looks very alarming. Maybe it is meant to scare me and keep me on task. Is that the idea? Or could I turn it off somehow?

Much thanks,

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Yes, sort of. And turning it off… well, not yet. If you could hold tight, we’re actually doing Science on you. (:
We’ll say more when the experiment is done!

Ok, I will have faith and carry on! :slight_smile:



Not a big fan of animations that I can’t stop. Would welcome an option to turn it off, especially since the “Goal Progress” and legend are more important to me.

Also, i have this body fat metric but it’s being treated as weight and the graph doesn’t change at all (it thinks i’m 32kg :))

Neat concept, will be cool to see where it goes.

Right now the animation (and the pessimistic view…well, I don’t need to see a pic of 50# over my max weight ever…yeesh) is annoying though. I don’t really like any animations on pages, other than the timer of course.

But if you use adblock pro you can just kill the image with a right click and the page is happy again. (I’ll check it again in a while, its not banished forever.)

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Whoops. Thanks @apolyton I’ve removed the image from bodyfat goals / reminders.

@rgreer4 Ooh, this is actually a great argument for providing an option right there for users to opt out, because I don’t think we can tell that you’re blocking it, which would skew our stats. I’ll check and see if I’m correct on that.



You can check if the user is blocking the animation, as Adblock Pro uses CSS rules to block ads.

That said if (some subset of) users hates the animation that much then killing it might be better than just dectecting it.

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@dreev , @bee a reminder that it would be really nice to add an option to turn the Body Stats animation off. It’s distracting and the “Amounts Due By Day” and “Stats” numbers are way more important. Thank you!


@apolyton part of me doesn’t want to draw attention to this, because OMG Science!, but you can opt out of the science project on the advanced settings page, which should nuke the animation. Of course, folks opting out may also constitute an interesting dataset… :slight_smile:


Very nice, thank you!