Buttons that trigger beeminder data

Hi all,

I want to build a button–that is, a physical, IRL button–that sends a data point to Beeminder when I press it. (This will remove a lot of slog for a few goals I tend to score when away from my phone.) Has anyone tried this? What’s the simplest, cheapest way to get this done? (FWIW, the buttons will be in my house with WiFi coverage available, or Bluetooth I suppose.)

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I don’t know anything about building a button, but don’t miss this related thread: Getting physical aka physical buttons


I did this with a Particle Internet Button and IFTTT. Depending on how handy you are, you can do this with just a Particle Photon and a switch, which would bring the cost down to a little over $19, but the Particle Internet Button is prebuilt and has lights and a plastic case.

You need to load the code on using a web page–it doesn’t come pre-loaded.