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Commitwall is live! (credit card required to create goals)


I certainly didn’t mean to suggest that you or @kenoubi or @kenoubi’s wife aren’t genuinely or legitimately using the service - of course you ars! There are many ways to use beeminder.

I think the point is more that the commitment contract mechanic is kind of tricky (and also the main source of beeminder’s revenue), and it’s hard to get a feel for how using that aspect of beeminder works without something at stake.


Thanks for that. It makes your comments sting a little less. (By the way, I have a lot of goals with nonzero pledges, and have derailed and paid money to Beeminder dozens of times. That just wasn’t the case for the first «some-non-negligible time» that I used Beeminder.)

Even if that’s true (and I agree it might well be) it doesn’t prove that learning what Beeminder does, how it works, etc. without that aspect isn’t useful or important. Beeminder is in general kind of a complicated tool. IMO it’s a lot easier to learn what to do with it if you don’t have to learn everything at once.


Aww. This may be the beeminder forum but I don’t want to sting you. :heart: