confederate-supported weasel-proofing?

Hi. I may be wrong, but I don’t think there’s a feature that requires goal data to come from a confederate. Like, if my goal is to complete 100 coding problems by the end of a course, I’d have to show my solutions to a confederate who would confirm and enter (or at least verify) the data to keep me on the road.

Do any others have interest in something like this? I suppose it could be implemented right now by pointing a goal at your confederate’s (throwaway, ad hoc) twitter account. Or for something with high data rates, maybe a confederate’s DRAFT document, where she/he would paste in words for each behaviour unit. Are there better solutions?

I do see potential for problems when $ is on the line, but also potential for valuable weasel-proofing / data checking.


Not directly related, but there are a couple of ways to currently make use of the supporters feature.

The first is to enter (with permission) their email into the settings tab of a goal, whereupon they can chime in after you’ve derailed as to whether it was legit.

The second is to use the emergency day or safety buffer trigger in IFTTT to send them an email yourself, but of course that only kicks in shortly before you might derail, rather than having a direct connection to the datapoints.

I suppose that if you send them an email asking ‘is this ok’, then you could rig an IFTTT recipe to capture their affirmative response and add a datapoint.

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