Disconnect between exponent instructions and goal behavior?

Now that the advanced options are available to me (Beemium is awesome!), I was trying to create an exponential decay-style “whittle down” goal, and discovered that the instructions are a bit misleading. The goal settings page claims that a rate of “-0.005” is half a percent decline per week. However, to actually get half percent of decline per week, one must enter a rate of “-0.5” in the road dial. To amplify the confusion, once a number has been entered in the web road dial, it switches to the “-0.005” format!

So which is it? -0.5% or -0.005? I’ve figured it out now, but the inconsistent interface created several minutes of confusion. Consistency in the interface would probably be a good idea.

  • My actual application was “-27%” exponential decline per week. This made it very obvious that the road dial was not working, but someone using this to plan their diet might not notice, since the decline is gradual either way.

Belated thank-you for this bug report! It’s moot ever since we killed exponential roads and at the time (ok I guess it was 3 months after this bug report!) we added a stopgap – http://beeminder.com/changelog#2309 – which I’m mentioning now just for posterity.