Do Less based on answers (or non-answer) to a survey?

is there a way for data to be automatically added to a DoLess goal,if no data is received or based on the results of a daily survey? I’d like to eat less fast food and so the survey in the evening would ask how many meals were from a fast food establishment. If the survey is answered “one meal” then +1 data point is entered, if "two meals’ then a +2,data point and so on. if the survey is ignored then at midnight a +3 data point is automatically posted that day.

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Do you have an android device and would you mind taking the survey on that?

This would be pretty simple to set up using a free app called Automate. I’d be happy to help you get it set up. I use it for a daily Beeminder feeding survey already!

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You can enter data by replying to an email from Beeminder and on do less goals you can make sure that ‘pessimistic presumptive’ is turned on (Under Advanced settings) which will enter a datapoint worth 2x your daily rate if it gets no answer.

Will this do what you want?

Or are you looking for something friendlier than this?


Thank you for these suggestions. I’ll look into both Automate and pessimistic presumptive.