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The thing I love most about language learning is making fairly meaningless and arbitrary (but pretty) charts, so here we go.

But roughly, I’m working on a language learning platform, starting from japanese. Updates will follow!



Interested to hear how you’re calculating this. Will you be manually inputting your score into Beeminder, or are you using the API or IFTTT somehow?



I’ve actually taken down that graph. It worked via the API, but as I want to tweak how the score is calculated, I would have to always delete all datapoints and add them back every time. I’ll just post some charts once in a while.

As for how it’s calculated, I get from 0 to 1 for every word depending on how well the system thinks I know it, weighted by how common the word is, and the sum is normalized to go from 0 to 1.

The main issue with this is the weighting. As it is right now, uncommon words are weighted thousands of times less than the most common words. On the other end of the spectrum, I wouldn’t want thousands of obscure words to force the score to never get close to 1.

I might try weighting by percentile or by the log of the number of occurrences…

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