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Ever thought of doing a reverse Beeminder?

Instead you load up an amount of money and pay yourself back by completing tasks/achieving goals etc…

Probably more annoying from an accounting perspective.

I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, just curious.

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Funny timing, we just blogged about that:

There’s also some interesting debate about it in another forum thread:

LOL, I just started doing this! I’m a pretty hard core budgeter so one of the things that was stressing me out was that I usually know where my spending is coming from but I didn’t have money set aside for Beeminder derailment. So I decided to put some money aside in a category in my YNAB budget, enough to pay for a derailment every week if I fail, and then at the end of month if I don’t derail I’ll use it to feed my wish farm. Right now it’s going to my IPad category. So far I’m really enjoying this motivation, it feels more positive, even though it’s really just a difference of acounting.


I really love this. I feel like it’s precisely the best of both worlds. Let Beeminder focus on the punishment, and you arrange your accounting in whatever makes that most motivating for you.

I know others think I’m wrong and that Beeminder could be more powerful by holding on to people’s money – that you can’t replicate that by shuffling money in your own bank accounts – but, well, those people should make a Beeminder competitor that works that way! I’m declaring, ex officio, that monetary positive reinforcement is counter to Beeminder’s philosophy. But we very much endorse the @physicsgal strategy of reframing Beeminder’s stings – or lack of them – as payouts via the magic of YNAB budget categories.


I did this for almost a year. I paid myself every time I made a 3D model. The reward was random and I could spend the money in whatever I wanted to, specially books.

This is the machine I build