Feature request: Email supporter when removing them

A few weeks ago, I removed a supporter from a goal because I didn’t want them to get the email when I derailed. In retrospect, this was a bad idea. There’s a simple solution, assuming this is not already the default behavior. If it’s not already the default behavior, it would be nice if supporters were emailed when you removed them, that way you can’t weasel out of the social stigma.


Elegant! I’m sold. Tagging #UVI. Thank you!

Perhaps in addition to emailing the supporter when they are removed,
removing supporters ought to be subject to the akrasia horizon?


Eh, it may be that the supporter wants to be removed. In which case they want the emails to discontinue without the horizon


Yes, I suppose. It was just a thought, I don’t personally care one way or
the other.

Glad you like the idea dreev!

Using an akrasia horizon doesn’t necessarily conflict with a supporter wanting to stop receiving emails. The supporter isn’t on the hook. There could be a mechanism by which a supporter can unsubscribe immediately but the user still needs to wait. You could have a link in the email to the supporter which allows the supporter to unsubscribe. This would require having separate emails for the supporter and user to make sure the user doesn’t get the link. The Beeminder user still would have to wait for the akrasia horizon in the goal settings.