Gratitude journaling together

  1. Another pile of celebratory books. :eyes: One might doubt if I’ll ever make it through them all, but that’s okay. Book vouchers are a joy.
  2. Should be able to budget to get a COVID vaccine now that the government allows them to be sold. Wooo.
  3. My old cheap silver nail polish was still fine to use and it’s staying on my nails well without much chipping, I’m impressed. And while it’s not something that always feels appropriate for me, or that I always enjoy, right now I am enjoying it and that’s good.
  • i’m grateful that the movie was fun.
  • i’m grateful that the day was peaceful and enjoyable.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i managed to finish a fun thing, just for the fun of it.
  • i’m grateful work was okay.
  • i’m grateful i had a relaxing evening.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i made a decision.
  • the dawn chorus of birds is quite lovely right now
  • tidying
  • lovely dinner tonight
  • asthma medication
  • smash brothers (Nintendo switch game)
  • kebab
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i’m going to bed earlier than the past few nights.
  • i’m grateful i decided to watch a series because of a stupid, predictable, overused “plot” “twist”. (it’s not a new series so the overused part is maybe not entirely fair but it’s still not worth my time.)
  • i’m grateful i got to the appointment on time today.
  • i’m grateful work wasn’t tedious today.
  • i’m grateful an internet thing works again.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i started researching for a free-time project.
  • i’m incredibly grateful that my phone didn’t die his morning before the first alarm went off. i don’t know what went wrong last night, but i feel super lucky i wasn’t late this morning!
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i was motivated for a hardcore duolingo session this morning. so much double xp time. i might make it to the finals this time around yet!
  • i’m grateful that my flatmate makes me laugh.
  1. Weekend! I feel I need it a lot this week, first weekend in a while that isn’t troubled by thoughts of my assignments (even if I did try to keep my weekends free of doing my assignments).
  2. Starting to get my runaway Beeminder goal issues back under control. Sure, there’s still a bunch in the red today, but we’re getting somewhere.
  3. Lie-in this morning.
  • the existence in the world of “cosy mystery” books - sometimes, that’s exactly what you need!
  • a long-enough gap between the April showers to mow the lawn, and stop it looking too disreputable
  • that quote coming back to me from school - “When April with his showers sweet/The drought of March hath pierced to the root”. Not a very drought-y March this year, but it does tell you it’s been raining throughout April since Chaucer’s time, so I should be grateful for that!
  • i’m grateful that uni was okay today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i decided to leave whentaken 3 through 5 for after sleep.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i decided not to turn on my laptop again tonight.
  • i’m grateful i woke up before my alarm today. i take it as a sign that i got enough sleep, or at least not atrociously little. :)
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i found the motivation to tidy up today,
  • i’m grateful i saw the baby again.
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  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i went to the lab this morning.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i warmed up some dinner.
  • i’m grateful i don’t use the thick winter blanket anymore.

edit to add the following day (because we’re not allowed to post more than three posts in a row):

  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i managed to calm myself somewhat with regards to a thing.
  • i’m grateful i got an appointment for next week.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i didn’t forget to collect a package today.
    (9th april)
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  1. Found a book I’m fascinated with, when I was feeling all fidgety and not settling to do anything. (A Fish Caught in Time, by Samantha Weinberg, about the discovery of living coelacanths.)
  2. Close to caught up on chores.
  3. A social worker has been assigned to my grandmother and a meeting about her best interests is planned for Monday, so hopefully soon she can be discharged from hospital, where she might be more comfortable and less disorientated.
  • i’m grateful i had a nice time with my mum.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i didn’t forget to collect the package.
  • i’m grateful for a spontaneous opportunity to see a friend again tomorrow night.
  • Our oldest cat seems well after her vet visit
  • Amazing sunrise yesterday
  • Last year’s new planting is really coming up well
  1. Finished the book about coelacanths, now very much enjoying a book about how stickiness works (Sticky, by Laurie Winkless).
  2. Light work day today after a rough one yesterday.
  3. I got a rare item in FFXIV that I don’t want, which I can sell for in-game currency to get a rare item I do want. :laughing:
  • self-gratitude: i’m very grateful that i went to the concert tonight.
  • i’m grateful the concert was so great!
  • i’m grateful i’m taking care of my beemos.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i asked about work priorities today.
  • i’m grateful that the most important thing i have to finish for job one before i leave on vacation is something i really enjoy. it’s gonna be stressful still because it’s a lot of work, but at least it’ll be fun!
  • i’m grateful my flatmate is back from his work trip.
  • self-gratitude: i’m very grateful that i was able to go back to sleep in the morning.
  • i’m grateful that i slept for a long time.
  • i’m grateful i had a fun afternoon with friends today.