Gratitude journaling together

  • i’m grateful the night view from our current room is beautiful.
  • i’m very grateful we get to see some stars here at night. i really missed them.
  1. Really enjoying Rebecca Struthers’ history of time from the perspective of a watchmaker, Hands of Time. It’s what I’d really wanted out of a book I read a while ago, so it’s especially nice.
  2. Lisa got me Cat Sebastian’s new book as a treat, and the sequel to the book I read this weekend! And I have them straight away since they got me the ebooks.
  3. Making good progress toward the fishing achievements on Final Fantasy XIV, which is in the greater scheme of things inconsequential, but very satisfying.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i went to the onsen again this morning.
  • lovely misty morning, crisp dewey coolness on the grass, and anticipation of a warm day
  • finished the first stage of hacking some ikea drawers to upgrade them
  • good conversation yesterday with a colleague
  1. Chill work day today.
  2. Really, really enjoying A Letter to the Luminous Deep (Sylvie Cathrall).
  3. Lisa’s new mouthguard should be ready tomorrow, to hopefully allow a return to peaceful sleep.
  1. Had a lovely day at work today: my new coffee grinder arrived and had some great, deep conversations with a coworker of mine who I don’t always see eye to eye with
  2. Someone finally bought my tent that I’ve been trying to sell for months!!!
  3. My gym-going is paying off. A tendinopathy in my abdominal area I’ve been struggling with feels a lot better, and feeling the most comfortable with my body image I’ve felt in a long time
  • i’m grateful the day ended the way it did.
  • I’m grateful for the people teaching me Thai language
  1. that I live in such a beautiful town, leaving soon and am really going to miss it
  2. finished a bunch of food that i made way too much of and thought for sure i was going to have to throw out, lol
  3. finished reading two books in one week for the first time in a while
  • i’m grateful that the restaurant where i got the nosebleed had paper towels on the toilet.
  1. Lisa’s mouthguard was ready, and I didn’t notice any grinding noises last night. I slept all the way through. Thank goodness!
  2. Quiet day spent mostly reading and playing FFXIV.
  3. Reading Brian Deer’s The Doctor Who Fooled the World. Okay, it raises my blood pressure a bit, but it’s fascinating to see the step by step unravelling, the exact gaps in Andrew Wakefield’s evidence.
  1. fun, competitive basketball session today that i enjoyed
  2. a delicious cup of coffee this morning and a nice girl i met in the hostel while i was drinking it
  3. i got a better deal on selling some clothes by letting a local consignment shop take them off my hands :slight_smile:
  1. Delicious lunch with cheese on toast, where “toast” actually was “home-made sodabread with guiness in it”.
  2. Beautiful blue skies
  3. All the keys in my mechanical keyboard have now been swapped out with Cherry MX Silent Red, and although I’m still getting used to the linear feel, I love how quiet it now is when I type
  1. Getting better at a thing in FFXIV.
  2. Night #2 with the new mouthguard continued to be fine.
  3. I think the film on the windows is helping too. I think I said that already, but it’s hard to be sure and I like to keep reminding myself on days when the effort seems worth it.
  1. a nice girl at my hostel invited me to a bar to watch sports! after being the pushy person for a long time trying to organise social events and hangouts this was really nice
  2. my manager helped me fix my coffee grinder, and didn’t get too mad when i ran through a power adapter by accident :upside_down_face:
  3. i was more responsive than usual today in the family group chat, which i can hopefully build on moving forward
  1. Good atmosphere at the first live viewing of a hockey game I’ve been to
  2. Flew a remote control helicopter around at work which was just the really silly kind of fun I’ve been missing recently
  3. Grateful that I managed to get through all of the things I wanted to do this evening and managed my time well!
  • i’m grateful i got to see a bugaku performance today. (it was really really amazing.)
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  1. I got good marks in all my assignments.
  2. Mum forgot to tell me my dad sent his congratulations on my assignment results, but when I texted him he told me himself.
  3. Should be able to take it easy tomorrow. (Granted, because I worked extra today and yesterday, but shush, let me enjoy it.)
  • i’m grateful i got to sit down most of the way back.