Gratitude journaling together

  1. There were some interesting jobs at work today.
  2. A coworker asked me for advice about teas he might like and we had a long conversation about it.
  3. I managed to stop myself playing an addictive game and uninstall it when I reached a point of frustration.
  1. Unexpected fudge.
  2. We have a new can opening and it is awesome.
  3. My half-brother is in town.
  1. I actually succeeded in my bid on in-game housing in FFXIV! (For complicated reasons, this is quite the feat.)
  2. I’m able to plan ahead and work ahead to reduce the number of chores/work tasks I’ll need to do on my exam days, or even make sure I barely have anything to do to catch up when I get back.
  3. Invited to an in-game wedding on FFXIV tonight, always fun.
  1. A walk with Jeremy.
  2. My half-brother is in town and I’m meeting him and his boyfriend tonight.
  3. Cherry Ripe chocolate.
  1. Chatting with someone from my course is always reassuring – it’s not just me who is cross about things!
  2. Had a lie-in, and then felt energised to Get Stuff Done right away.
  3. One of my FFXIV friends made me some “expensive” (in in-game money) trick bookshelves to make secret doors in my in-game house. It all sounds a bit ridiculous now I say it outside that context, but suffice it to say he’s a cool guy.
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  1. I had a great time with my brother.
  2. I have discovered Fireball, a cinnamon-flavoured whisky.
  3. Vegemite and cheese sandwiches.
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  1. Plenty of time to read this weekend.
  2. Exam time is nearly over…
  3. I thought ahead this time and should be able to avoid having to do any chores during/right after my exam.
  1. I am happy that I can answer this exam well.
  2. I expected to have to choose 3 questions of 4 to answer, and instead it’s 3 questions of 4. Hurrah!
  3. Lisa quickly ironed the comfy shirt I wanted to wear so I could put it on after all.
  1. A pleasant visit with a friendly medic.
  2. Medical technology has progressed so far since I was a child.
  3. Dried pear slices.
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  1. My move was a HUGE MESS but everything is looking up well now!
  2. My team at work is super excited about beeminder-style Backlog Freshening :3
  3. We met spontaneously with some friends yesterday for a couple hours and it was super nice!
  1. I unpacked my piano yesterday and ran through some of my pieces and it was so nice and comfy!
  2. I leave for my honeymoon tomorrow!
  3. A monitor I felt a little silly for keeping came in clutch when my primary monitor died.
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  1. Had a bit of a break yesterday once the exam time was all done.
  2. The other workerbees held down the fort so there was nothing too terrible for me to handle when I got back.
  3. Chatting with other people from my course is reassuring.
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  1. I had some of the best home-made bread I’ve ever tasted.
  2. Lunch at a different cafe with friendly staff and a nice sandwich.
  3. A really good cup of coffee.
  1. Went for a walk while it was a bit cooler, so now I was able to put on a dress.
  2. Was able to add some of my stuff to one of Lisa’s orders so we got free shipping.
  3. More free time now my exams are over!
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  1. Jeremy brought me coffee in bed, in my favourite tea cup and saucer.
  2. A day off work.
  3. An interesting, vivid dream last night.
  1. Lots of reading plans for the weekend.
  2. There’s a nice breeze today.
  3. I always pass the most lovely garden on my walks. There are a lot of roses, and in the warm air, you can smell them more than usual.
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  1. The rooms were nice and cool when I got up.
  2. Vague plans for the day with a group on FFXIV.
  3. Picked up some eyedrops to help with my allergies.
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  1. Croissants for breakfast.
  2. Some free time to do some fun coding.
  3. Watching TV with Jeremy.
  1. A very fun evening with the FFXIV friends I’d planned to spend time with.
  2. One of our rabbits probably doesn’t have an infection after all so it’s fine to cuddle her properly again.
  3. Really enjoyed Portable Magic by Emma Smith.
  1. Sleeping in.
  2. A headache went away quickly.
  3. Jeremy fetched panadol and made coffee for me.