Gratitude journaling together

  1. Our cat’s recent blood test results were all good.
  2. I have popcorn kernels to pop in the microwave and then eat without toppings so I can satisfy a food craving without significant calories.
  3. I managed to stop work only half an hour late today (it’s been one to two hours late in recent days but the worst of the pressure is probably over now).
  1. Kindle Unlimited have plenty of books available now I can’t use my library’s app for a while.
  2. It’s nice to reflect on the way I have more financial security now.
  3. Toasted teacakes.
  1. Jeremy made me a sandwich.
  2. A hard disk that I thought was broken is fine.
  3. Our cat walked into my room and meowed for attention then walked out to the couch and waited for me to follow to spend some time cuddling her.
  1. I wrote to a Postcrossing member in Quebec in French, and they were very nice about it.
  2. I asked on Postcrossing if people could use the Ursula Le Guin stamp when sending to me, and several(!) people have done so. :blue_heart: I hadn’t expected anyone to really do it.
  3. One of my friends who has a lot of immune issues is recovering well from COVID.
  1. Helpful, detailed advice from a coworker.
  2. A toasted sandwich and large pot of tea at a cafe for lunch.
  3. Buses worked out well for me today.
  1. Chocolate biscuits with slightly melty chocolate from the warmth.
  2. Despite the warm weather, there’s a pleasant coolness coming through my window.
  3. Even though one of my FFXIV friends is away for six weeks, we have her on Discord so we know she arrived safely and so on.
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  1. The can holder I got last year does help keep my drinks cool even in hot weather.
  2. I’m grateful for everyone I work with, tbh, but gonna call out @dreev specifically today because it’s lovely to know I am valued and he does make sure of that.
  3. Beeminder reminding me to take my inhaler. Gah.
  1. Cheese on biscuits.
  2. An annoying meeting has been delayed by two weeks.
  3. Jeremy has been going through our Stuff-We-Are-Keeping-Just-In-Case and throwing out all things that we really don’t need.
  1. For my past self for acquiring a bunch of fans in winter in anticipation
    of summer
  2. people who gave away their fans
  3. My ex mother in law for gifting me a comfy chair.
  1. There’s a new season of Leverage!! Leverage: Redemption So far it’s as good as the original.
  2. Dungeon Cards. I’m having fun playing it again and each game doesn’t last long so it’s not taking over my life.
  3. Work was pleasant today.
  1. There might be a thunderstorm later.
  2. We were able to help one of our neighbours with something.
  3. My dad’s here, improving our wildflower garden. (It’s quite new, so it still needs some encouragement.)
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  1. I’m going out to dinner with friends tonight.
  2. Jeremy cooked chicken with bacon.
  3. A friend come over and brought home-made fruit cake.
  1. My honeymoon was absolutely wonderful!
  2. We got to visit our parents for a few days after arriving home.
  3. We finally got our second car back and so much scheduling/planning is so much easier now.
  1. Magpies singing.
  2. An evening to myself.
  3. Chicken with crunchy skins.
  1. A sale at a tea shop.
  2. My warm bed overnight.
  3. A lunch break long enough for an episode of a TV show.
  1. My dog likes his new bed.
  2. My wife handling a bunch of errands today.
  3. Surprise movie & dinner with friends yesterday was fun!
  1. An excellent cup of coffee.
  2. A parcel was accidentally delivered to a local gym instead of to home, but the gym staff were really friendly and helpful.
  3. This exciting idea for combining butternut squash and banana. :smiley: (Also that a channel in general for entertaining and usually useful cooking advice.)
  1. Dad’s here again, doing the mowing, just when I wanted to talk to him. He’s useful like that.
  2. I’m using some cohesive bandages to help prevent me scratching my eczema, and they’re amazing! It means the bandage doesn’t stick to my skin at all, while it does stick to itself, creating a very secure bandage that isn’t too prone to bunching or coming undone. It feels like magic! (I’m told it’s van der Waals forces.)
  3. The mindfulness exercises on Headspace are helping me gradually figure out (very gradually) how to apply mindfulness more generally – and making it clear how little I currently do apply it.
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  1. There’s a lunchtime carvery in town that will always give you free pork crackling with your order if you ask for it.
  2. I’ve just finished The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab and it was awesome - so engaging! The narration by Julia Whelan was superb.
  3. Australia’s latest census data shows we have become more culturally diverse, less religious, and there’s now been 24,000 same-sex marriages.
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  1. @alys, who is always supportive and a great sounding board when I’m puzzling through something.
  2. The eczema on the backs of my hands has cleaned up a lot.
  3. I always say hi to the same person on my walks, and I find myself looking forward to that when I set out – even though we only just say hi and complain about the weather!