Gratitude journaling together

  1. My parents are letting us go over to watch the rugby at their house so we don’t have to pay for a month’s subscription just for 3 games!
  2. Mood’s unexpectedly quite a bit better today.
  3. Chocolate biscuits.
  1. I got not one but TWO cute new latte cups yesterday at thrift stores :3
  2. My dog really likes the new bed we got him.
  3. I cut the legs on some chairs to make them counter-height instead of bar-height last night and I did a great job and they’re very comfy now and I got to do some woodworking and use my tools and cleanup wasn’t even particularly annoying even though we’re in an apartment!
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  1. This adorable article about a gecko living with a possum family, probably for warmth, and other animal pairings.
  2. After a frantic, long day at work yesterday, today was relaxed.
  3. An idea I had was well received.
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  1. Tomorrow, my parents are getting takeout for us all from my favourite place. Om nom nom!
  2. Doing new stuff in FFXIV.
  3. We’ve managed to keep our energy bill low for another month.
  1. Weekends!
  2. Unions. We would not have weekends or many other benefits without them.
  3. The I Bring the Fire Loki series by C. Gockel, which I have posted about before but I’m further through it now and still loving every bit of it.
  1. Watching a tiny spider manipulate its web (I assume) by waving one of its little arms around in circles in the air.
  2. The large huntsman spider living in our bathroom. He looks so cuddly!
  3. These non-religious Christmas cards are such a good idea.
  1. Quiet weekend of mostly recharging.
  2. The Wales game did not go our way, but was definitely interesting to watch.
  3. That moment when you find a book that makes you so curious that you have to keep picking it up.
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  1. I had the time to read an article that positively contributed to my mood
  2. The person whose FB post convinced me to read the article, which I’d previously thought wasn’t for me
  3. My body’s systems seem to be functioning as per specs
  1. We had friends over on Sunday for grilling, hangin’ out in the pool, and a birthday party, and it was super lovely!
  2. Yesterday, my wife and I went paddleboarding to watch fireworks and it was ALSO super lovely
  3. Our new apartment is finally starting to feel like home.
  1. Got the whole family together in a call yesterday.
  2. I love apples and carrots.
  3. Positive anticipation for doing mobility exercises every ~hour to break up my work day.


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I do that! 25 minutes work, then one set of stretches or bodyweight exercises, and repeat. It’s a great way to make me actually exercise because one set feels manageable.

  1. Ctrl-Y in bash! After years of using Linux and knowing about Ctrl-U to remove the contents of your command line, I finally learnt that you can use Ctrl-Y to put the removed text back again (and not just immediately; it works after entering other commands too). ref
  2. Ctrl-F in this forum. I appreciate that you can hit it once for the forum’s search or twice for the standard browser search.
  3. Taskwarrior. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but I continue to LOVE it for managing my tasks.
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  1. Me and Lisa’s latest FFXIV thing when we feel like it is doing dungeons to get minions (pets). We’ve missed a few so there’s a bunch of dungeons we need to go back to, and I know this all sounds nerdy, but it’s fun. Anyway, I had success last night with the armadillo I needed. I made a video. It’s not a very good quality video, but it shows you how it runs around on its ball.
  2. I’m reading a book about the Black Death (Black Death at the Golden Gate by David K. Randall), formed a strong opinion about one of the public health officers involved in the 1900-1906 outbreaks of Yersinia pestis in San Francisco, and googled “spoilers” about his later career. He only went and became the Surgeon General! Rupert Blue, my new public health hero.
  3. @adamwolf, for geeking out about brain chemicals with me.
  1. The highly entertaining #Clownfall in Britain’s loathesome Tory party.
  2. A super-easy desk duty session at work today: only three jobs, all small, all already confirmed successful by the clients.
  3. Jeremy made a lovely pumpkin soup.
  1. Found time to have a coffee and write on the balcony before work today.
  2. Spontaneous outside lunch w/ gf, very good food and stimmung[1].
  3. Read a well-written research paper this morning: very clear structure and writing; this was refreshing.

  1. German for “mood”, “vibe” ↩︎

  1. Hospital appointment was very quick, and the conclusion is just a “watch and wait, but probably it’s all fine”. Hurrah!
  2. This absurd trolley problems page in which one solves all of philosophy. Sorry, @mary, your job’s done for you!
  3. Having a chill day to relax (thank you, @clivemeister!).
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  1. A friend sent me a cute puzzle that was rather pleasant to solve.
  2. Operation Orange Is The New Red has gone swimmingly and I feel much less beeminder-stress now knowing that I have an extra wiggle day if I really need it! The stress was worth the staying-on-top-of-things, but not having it is even better!
  3. There’s a frustrating thing at work but my boss very much has my back with it so probably everything will be fine.
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  1. I had a fantastic day at work today - engaging and successful.
  2. A thing at work that I thought would be highly annoying turned out to be a lot of fun.
  3. These happy photos of our new, non-sucky Prime Minister with President Zelenskyy.
  1. I managed to get a doctor’s appointment. (Just need some acid reflux meds, no big deal; just grateful to get it sorted today.)
  2. The Welsh rugby team beat South Africa in South Africa for the first time ever, after a couple of years of very poor performance. We needed that!
  3. Gareth Anscombe was fit to play and joined the squad, and took the kick that won us the game. Welsh rugby Twitter has hilariously been all about his “balls of steel” all weekend; it was a hell of a moment. But I just read for the first time about how his injury kept him out of play for so long: first his anterior cruciate ligament tore during a game (notoriously disabling), but then also his bone started softening. They had to break his leg and insert a bone plug from a deceased donor. It amazes me that modern medicine can do that and then there is he was, playing rugby like he never left. :tada:
  1. A relaxed dinner at a friend’s place on a comfortable couch.
  2. I’m booked in for a fourth covid vaccination.
  3. Solitaire card games.
  1. A friend recommended music that’s proving to be the perfect background while I try and catch up on everything. The songs just have the right energy right now! It’s Dorothy, and this silly video is the one that caught my eye (ear?), but also this one is a fun song.
  2. The plumbing issues yesterday were resolved without creating a new hole in the floor. Still got the old hole in the floor, of course.
  3. My wedge pillow has arrived, to help me sleep with my head elevated, so that my acid reflux won’t cause too much trouble while I’m asleep.