Gratitude journaling together

  1. We woke up to a nice cool breeze through the windows.
  2. A friend has got new kittens and is sending me cute pictures.
  3. Oaty biscuits.
  1. A client was monitoring a job I was doing for them and told me my change had been successful before I had even gotten around to asking them to test.
  2. A social event that I wasn’t really looking forward to has been cancelled.
  3. The unpleasantly cold weather has ended for this year.
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  1. A friendly possum with soft fur.
  2. A fruit bowl at a cafe.
  3. The Boys.
  1. Our FFXIV friends turned our somewhat jokey in-game wedding for in-game benefits into a lovely event. And took many screenshots for me! (My character is the one in white; Lisa’s character in black is a Lalafell/dwarf.)
  2. My dad came over this morning to jumpstart our car after the battery went dead last night (and nobody in the street had jump leads). He got it started and checked the alternator, and says he’s pretty sure the battery is just dead and a replacement will get things sorted out in no time.
  3. I have cheesecake! And it might actually be baked cheesecake, and not fridge cheesecake! Who knows.
  4. This lovely “news” story about the parks staff in one of my favourite parks being sweet to a kid who lost his teddy bear. (The bear is found, I promise.)
  1. A friendly possum with soft fur.
  2. Clover is flowering.
  3. I saw someone with above-ankle boots covered in sparkly faux-gems. They were spectacular.
  1. No solid plans today.
  2. The car battery was fixed and was well within budget.
  3. The wonderful range of advance copies of books I get!
  1. A walk with Jeremy to watch the sunset.
  2. A day off work tomorrow.
  3. Naan bread.
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  1. Bunnies ruled all healthy by the vet.
  2. Reading mood!
  3. I was able to grab an ARC of a book Lisa was interested in.
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  1. I’m healthy enough to give blood. Thank you past self!
  2. My blood donation went without problems. Thank you plebotimist Anna!
  3. I got to take home some cookies! Thank you canteen supervisor and Pacific Baking Co.!
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  1. Jeremy helped me with a complex database query.
  2. The Sandman series on Netflix.
  3. A butcherbird sometimes comes to my office window to see if I have food.
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  1. A pub lunch with my coworkers.
  2. A nice scotch.
  3. My favourite possum came to the window for a slice of apple.
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  1. Two Point Campus is out! And Lisa preordered it for me (for my birthday, but I have it now).
  2. Having two screens so I can read this ARC during waiting periods on TPC.
  3. A friend suggested a change to my evening routine and it really seems to help.
  1. This corvid sashaying, set to music.
  2. Jeremy and I walked to the local shopping centre to have lunch and buy food supplies together.
  3. We have cheese in the house, after none for several days.