HabitRPG integration!


That’s a great idea. Thank you! Yeah, I’ve been trying to read up on all the great HabitRPG documentation since I joined, but I missed that one. I still think it would be fun to have a Beeminder Guild, though, just for sociability’s sake, since most of my commitment and habit-building stuff still remains here. (’:

It would be awesome if you could set it up! I would join in a heartbeat. Thank you for offering!!


New Beeminder guild in HabitRPG (or search through the public guild list for “Beeminder”).

Feel free to suggest a better description for the guild. I threw it together in a bit of a hurry. :smile:

I’ll be reading everything posted to the guild, and ensuring that all questions receive answers, but I might not have time to be as active a leader as you might like. If there’s anything you need me to do as leader, just ask.

If you have ideas for challenges, go ahead and create them. Use the guild gems as you wish.


Thank you so much for doing this! I hope we can get a nice little community going. You’re awesome. (’:


Do you think we should make a separate post in the forum with a headline like “Join the HabitRPG Beeminder Guild”? I wonder if people are noticing it here at the end of this rather old and lengthy thread.


Sorry, nepomuk, I only just noticed your question. I like the new post you made. Thank you for your nice comments. :slight_smile:


Crossposted from HabitRPG’s Beeminder Guild: I’m so bummed! I used the private guild solution to make a challenge list of recurring household cleaning tasks (since Beeminder only counts to-dos and not dailies), which I can add every two weeks for common tasks and every month for less common tasks. I discovered yesterday that none of those tasks will be counted, because they’re challenges! So my only alternative is to manually enter each task on the entire list of several dozen tasks every two weeks from scratch. Argh. Way too much trouble. This kinda makes me want to give up on my Beeminder chore goal completely and just track it from within HabitRPG alone. :frowning:


You can create the challenge, which will put the tasks into your list as challenge tasks, then leave the challenge while choosing the option to keep the tasks, and that will convert them to regular tasks which will count towards your goal.


Oh, brilliant! Thank you so much!! :'D


I’d like to second this and suggest a way to do so. Finishing all your dailies is known as having a “Perfect Day”. Beeminder could track something like ‘Perfect Days per week’ or ‘percent or number of dailies completed’ as do more goals. Another way might be to use alys’s data display tool to make a “damage to you” counter/do less goal. Integration of individual dailies might be the ideal solution, but I could see how that could easily get out of hand.

I use Beeminder for goals that are of the do or die nature, while HabitRPG lets me track and be rewarded for doing things that improve my general wellbeing and quality of life. So being able to beemind some basic quality of life index through HabitRPG would be really awesome.


There is a message in the HabitRPG Beeminder guild from Ooker, who appears to be having a problem syncing.

Didn’t want his message to get lost, so reposting it here:
“How does the sync work? It doesn’t subtract or add any point to my Beeminder for weeks -3 hours ago”

moderator update: tagging for @bee


There’s a reply there now. Messages are unlikely to get lost in that guild in any reasonable timeframe because the guild holds 200 messages and traffic is slow. My top guess is that the goal has reached its end date.


Is there any update on Dailies integration? I was really excited to start getting to HabitRPG and created a Beeminder goal only to find this out after the fact. I already track all of my normal “To-Do’s” in Omnifocus so really I was looking at HabitRPG as primarily just a recurring task/habit tracker and not a To-Do list.


In the same way that I use Beeminder to keep me on top of my OmniFocus lists (a.k.a. the weekly review), it’d be handy to have a meta-goal to make sure that I don’t forget about my HabitRPG dailies.

As always, the best way to prioritise a particular integration is to agitate for it, and get folks to click the heart on your post. (Or click the heart yourself, on suggestions that you’d like to be implemented.)


I realize that I never did report on my use of the integration. Sorry. Overall, it’s been working fine for me, and I haven’t had to think about it too much. Here’s how I’ve been using it for Todos:

I Beemind completed Todos with a particular tag–originally something along the lines of most important tasks for the next day, which I set the night before. I’ve been using Complice for a while, and it’s a much better tool for that (especially with its recently improved Beeminder integrations!) Habitica, meanwhile, is okay for checking stuff off, but still clunky in the input department. So I now use Habitica more as a backlog for Someday/Maybe stuff.

I use the Beeminder integration to make sure the list doesn’t get completely stale. Habitica provides this nice age/color feedback for each task, and gives more gold/XP for completing older ones. If something’s been sitting around for a while, I consider that it might be more difficult or more vague than I anticipated. I might adjust the task difficulty upwards, or add a checklist of better defined subtasks/next actions. Meanwhile, I get to keep my other task management places (Trello and Complice) a little less cluttered.

I still think some kind of Dailies integration would be really great, because Habitica’s input is a bit cumbersome, which makes it clunky for adding new Todos. But it’s easy to mark stuff as done. I use a dailies as a recurring checklist–for instance, to make sure I’ve entered all data for all my Beeminder goals.


Ooh, so good. This is getting me excited about improving our Habitica integration. I especially want to know what formulas Habitica may be using to determine coloring and gold/XP for older items. See related discussion:


Yeah, I was originally going to mention Beemind.me’s staleness measure too, but I felt my post was getting too rambly.

I think the Habitica wiki implies the Todo aging model is the same as that used when hitting +/- on a Habit. That would seem to be (please double check me):

V = V_0 - 0.9747^(V_0)

Where V_0 is the current value and V is the new value.

Sign of the second term is negative because Todo value always decreases as the Todo ages. Note that the lower/more negative the Todo value, the more it is worth on completion in terms of XP/gold.

Wiki also says it has a minimum effective value of -47.27, but I don’t know if that means 1. it stops falling at that point, or 2. continues decreasing at a mere linear fashion. Which one? My guess is 1.


Task value still decreases (or increases in the case of positive habits and dailies) after reaching its effective minimum or maximum. The effective minimum just means that if the task value decreases beyond that, you won’t get an increased reward. This is based on the law of diminishing returns, an economics concept that Habitica uses to determine task value and rewards. So basically, the value of an old To-Do can decrease indefinitely, but after a certain point, you won’t see an increase in your reward for completing the task.

You can read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diminishing_returns

Hope that helps.


Woke up in the orange on my Habitica Beeminder goal at 6:00 am today. Before I left for work, I’d cleaned the bathtub, bathroom sink, toilet, kitchen sink, and kitchen table, plus emptied the bathroom trash. Walked out the door with my goal in the green. Woohoo!

Also, I have a “Nine Greens” habit on Habitica that lets me hit the plus button whenever I have a day with all my Beeminder goals in the green. Just gotta write a blog post sometime today, and then I can hit it!

I love Beeminder and Habitica integration so much. My life would be so much more chaotic and stressful without them, and I love the way they work together. It would be great if we could get dailies support, though. Right now when I want to refresh my cleaning to-dos, I have to go into Guilds, then Challenges, deselect all, select my own private guild, find my “Fortnight” challenge list, clone it, join it, leave it (keeping tasks), and then make sure that Beeminder hasn’t somehow gotten screwed up in its tally system, requiring me to manually edit the datapoints, which occasionally happens for no reason that I can discern. Phew. Would be so much simpler if I could just set it to make me do laundry once a week, swiff the floors once a week, take out the trash every other day, et cetera. But even as it is right now, it’s lifechanging!


This is old, but do you actually have a way to sync your weekly review in OmniFocus with Beeminder?


No, but you may be able to modify this script that I use to beemind my OmniFocus inbox.

Given that OF encourages you to review individual items rather than all-or-nothing in a single weekly session, you could possibly treat the backlog of items-to-review as you would an inbox-zero challenge.

For anything less than wanting to manage your backlog of reviews that way, it doesn’t seem like it’d be worth the effort to automate it.

I beemind my weekly GTD reviews manually and leniently, giving myself ¼ point for a cursory review, ½ point for a real-but-incomplete review, and 1 point for the full monty.

Seems to work for keeping me more on top of things than I would be without beeminding it at all.