How do do-less deadlines work?

I have a do-less goal whose buffer I exhausted today. I expected when the deadline passed at 5pm that additional buffer equal to the goal’s daily rate would be created. However, when the deadline passed, the goal was still at limit +0.

Is this how do-less deadlines are supposed to work?

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Hmm, this may have been a caching thing. I refreshed several times on the app with no change. A few minutes later, I looked on desktop and the goal did indeed show limit +3. I went back to the app, and it had updated as well. :man_shrugging:

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Was this immediately after the deadline? Like, within minutes? We don’t actually roll everything over at the hour on the dot; stuff takes time to process, so I’ve seen it take up to 10 minutes after the deadline for everything to roll over.


Oh, ok, that makes sense. Yes, this was within minutes of the deadline

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