How do I get Windows to send login/logout times, webpages and documents open, and when I save a document to beeminder?

I understand that Rescuetime can tell me which application I’m using when, but that’s not really that helpful. I want beeminder to know the following:

when I log in to my computer
when I log out
when I view a webpage, title and URL of webpage and time
when I open a document, title of document and time
when I close a document, title of document and time
when I save a document, old name, new name, and time
whenever a window is focused or unfocused, title of window and time
every minute, whether the keyboard or mouse have been used within the last minute

I’m using the procrastitracker app, which tells me what document and window is open when, but it doesn’t integrate with beeminder or tell me everything I need.