How do I input yesterdays date for a goal getting its data through IFTTT

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I was wondering if there was a way to put yesterdays date when using IFTTT to add datapoints to a goal. I have a goal which requires me to read either 5 pages of a book or do two exercises. I usually read the book at the end of the day before I go to sleep.

I generally log the data by checking off the task on my to do list for the day. However, when the data is added to beeminder it marks it as the data for the next day and not for yesterday. I hate to manually change the date for all my goals and I averse to marking the to-do through the phone app as I usually prefer not to see any device 45 mins prior to bed time.

Just to be clear, I have illustrated my challenge with an example: I read the book on a Monday Night. However, I usually check of the to-do task about reading the book on a Tuesday Morning. The IFTTT recipe runs the moment I check off the task. Hence, the data point added to the goal carries the date for Tuesday and not for Monday. I want the goal to carry the date for Monday and not for Tuesday.

Looking forward to a solution to this challenge.


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I wonder whether we should add YESTERDAY[] to the list of IFTTT Macros even though it manipulates the date rather than the value…


We don’t have any date options built in to IFTTT on purpose because most triggers are real time, and trying to figure out the date if the trigger does not have a timestamp present is difficult and confusing when you’re trying to set up a recipe. Anyhow, so we don’t really have a good solution for this, aside from marking the item off in your todo list in real time as you finish it.

Sorry I’ve not got a more helpful answer!



I was hoping for a feature like this as well. Some IFTTT triggers fire a bit after midnight with data corresponding to the previous day. For instance, RescueTime and Fitbit both have “daily summary” triggers in IFTTT. I’ve been using the RescueTime daily summary to log “total” device time (the Beeminder integration only supports unproductive or productive, but not both combined) and all the data values it has logged to the goal are offset/late by one day because the daily summary trigger fires after midnight.

Edit: perhaps one solution would be to add a new IFTTT action (not sure how troublesome that would be) or overload the existing “datapoint value” field to support the “advanced” datapoint entry format of [day of month] [value] [comment]. Then the IFTTT macros could be used to set the [day of month] to the correct date.