how to beemind fractional points based on time-of-entry

Each morning, I write out a post-it note of tasks and their priorities, after some puttering around. I would like to Beemind doing that earlier. Ideally, I would push a single button, and Beeminder should come up with how many fractional points that earns me: 1 point at 8am, 7/8 points at 9am, …, 1/8 point at 3pm.

What is the most convenient way to do that?

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I don’t think that Beeminder has anything like this, but you could hack something together using the API. If you have an Android phone, both Tasker and Automate have widgets you could set up to calculate and send the appropriate data point to the Beeminder API when you tap them, though when I was testing just now I couldn’t get the Tasker widget to work, so I think Automate would probably be easier.