How to enter a day on which I didn't step on a scale for a weight goal?

With a weight goal the thing I’m entering is my current weight. It will (hopefully) never be zero. But what do I enter into the form in order to make beeminder register that I missed my weigh in today? With other goals the zero in most cases (at least with do more goals) solves the problem.

Is there or should there be an option to enter a miss, so that the goal gets a check mark and can be filtered/sorted appropriately for that day?

Why do you want to log missed days in the goal itself?

A separate goal for frequency, I understand. By logging missed days in the same goal, the statistics on the goal’s webpage become less useful.

For instance, I’ve stood on the scale 2,254 times since starting my Withings goal, with a 90% variance of 0.96 kg and an average rate of not-very-much. Adding any didn’t-do-it datapoints would mess with those numbers.

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It’s more about having the ability to sort my goal list in the dashboard/having a visual marker (the checkmark) to indicate that this is a goal I have dealt with today. Example: Since my weigh in is in the morning, missing it makes me not enter data, therefore it doesn’t get the checkmark and sorting by “recent data entered” doesn’t sort the goal appropriately (in my opinion). An optimal workflow (maybe just for me?) would be to log the miss and move on.


Thanks! That sounds like a good feature, somewhat related to the ‘uncle’ button.


It’s been stated elsewhere that expanded or not was intended to be used as a todo list on the dashboard (sort of how you’re trying to use the checkmark). Maybe try that and see how well it works for you? (Caveats: I think it doesn’t have any effect in the mobile apps and doesn’t propagate from one browser to another, though it does persist across reloads.)

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I’m using that too (expanded state for those I’m focusing on right now, checkmark for those I have dealt with… those groups are different at least in my use case…), but it’s clumsy at best. The whole lack of organizational feature of goals could use a lot of improvement.