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I made a generator of percentile feedback image for a Beemider goal


Percentile feedback graph was described as

“pleasant, motivating way to graph productivity while I’m working (and can still affect it).”

Graph example generated by my tool: (lines represent progress during day, with line in a special color showing progress during a current day)

I heard enthusiastic descriptions of percentile feedback so I decided to try using this motivation strategy. For now I made a simple generator of graph image from Beeminder data and it is published at

In case something is not working or you are interested in using this tool but you are unsure how to do that - please open an issue at

Pull requests are also welcomed.

I admit that I am unsure whatever percentile feedback works as well as it is advertised - the tool just reached state of being usable.


This looks extremely cool!

In fact, I have something a bit similar (though not that involved) in the works (only in a nicer language :wink: ).


Let us know how it works, my main mistake was not checking quality of
graph generation library before writing most of the code.

At this moment I think that I should use Python, hopefully Emacs Lisp
also has sometimes that can generate graphs properly.


Well, actually not really. What I’m doing is “similar” on a much higher level of abstraction: it is another tool to help with the “microproductivity”. (Beeminder is day-based, I needed something with higher granularity - much like you, I guess.) But instead of showing me nice graphs, my tool gives me stats about my productivity. For instance, I set up a fraction of my work-time (I don’t use that tool at home) I want to spend actually working, say 80%. Then, I can see data like “your current efficiency is 78%, and you need 8 minutes of uninterrupted work to get back to 80%”.

So, a different approach but solving a very similar problem.

As for the graphs: have you considered JavaScript and the d3 library?


Have you posted about your tool somewhere? It sounds interesting
(though I suspect that it may be highly coupled to how you work).

As for the graphs: have you considered JavaScript and the d3 library?

Yes, but given that one of my main problems is wasting too much time on
a computer, especially in a browser I deliberately avoid anything that
requires using it.

Alternative is running script that will generate html page, open it in a
headless browser and take screenshoot. It is possible but it is a bit
overcomplicated and would work really slowly.


No, thanks and probably. I will make it public one day, though (and perhaps sooner than later).

Good point. I have a browser open all the time (I need it for a lot of my work), so I have to deal with that problem in other ways. The tool I mentioned is one of them.

Definitely, not worth the effort, I guess.