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I'd Like to Set Up A Weekly Google Hangout Crew

Interesting! But why Hangouts? It’s so dead.

What is “dead” supposed to mean? It’s somehow “uncool”? Or not used as much as the lastest hip technology? How is that relevant?

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It’s relevant because Google announced it is going to shut down Hangouts in 2020.

They have since also announced that there will be two new different versions of Hangouts to follow in its footsteps. But it remains to be seen if those will catch on. Their other messengers didn’t, after all.

So, no, I’m not saying this because of hippieness or anything but because Hangouts is actually sentenced to die.

This made quite the news back then (many months ago), so I assumed this was common knowledge.

Here’s a link:


Ah! I didn’t know that. Figures.

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I’ll be using Hangouts until the bitter end. I love the product. :sob:


Fair point. Any suggestion for a different service?

Preferably something that does not require software downloads.

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Personally I’m a big fan of One noteworthy thing: it allows you to have different nick names for each community or server you join.

Available as browser only and as stand alone desktop client and on mobile.

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Okay folks, I’m thinking next Sunday will be Day 0, but I’m open to Saturday.

If you're interested in participating, share your time/date preferences with this When Is Good Poll by Thursday at 12 EST.

I’ll post again on this forum on Thursday evening with a preliminary agenda flow (although “agenda” is probably too strong a word) and a specified time and video chat link.


What a great idea! I can’t join in this week, but I’m already curious about how it goes! Someone let us know!


When? Sunday 12pm EST


What? A Weekly Review Session

Agenda (beta version 1.0):

  • Introductions / Icebreaker (5 min)
  • Set & Share Intentions for Session (5 min)
  • Introduce the Preliminary Methodology (a.k.a. The Method) (5 min)
  • Share Resources, Best Practices, Beeminder Tips (10-20 min)
  • Update The Method (5-10 min)
  • Initial Methodology Work-Through (10 min)
  • Open-Ended Working Time & Conversation (10-20 min)
  • Take An Oath (5 min)
    (i.e. Commit publicly to your goals for the next week; Establish and share your accountability method)

Total Time = ~1 hour +/- 10 minutes


After every Weekly Review session, I will post the meeting minutes on this forum.

I am holding myself accountable to holding these sessions-- even if nobody shows up-- for the rest of this year. Made a beeminder for it. If it catches on and more people attend, I’ll start a fresh new forum for Weekly Reviews and start posting updates there. In the meantime, here is fine.


It just occurred to me that one slightly similar thing to this is Complice’s co-working rooms:

(They’re for doing sync’d pomodoros, or tocks as we call them. In fact, I think that could be a great thing to have as part of this weekly review session if others like the idea!)


I’m going to attempt to attend tomorrow, but I’ll have Toddler Watching Responsibility, so we’ll see how well those combine.

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Did I do timezone math wrong here, or are we starting next weekend? I thought 9am pst was 12 est.


Is this still on? I’d join when the timing is good for me. :slight_smile:


Hi! Will there be a meeting tomorrow (2/23)? I missed last week, but I’m interested!

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@lanthala & @brittany since there was no reply to any of our questions and @jicruz hasn’t been online (on the forum) since Feb. 13 I doubt that he is still organizing it.

Still like the idea and his short agenda. Are you interested in doing the session anyway?

Same time (12 pm EST = 9am PST = 6 pm (18:00) CET), on I have as a backup but maybe @jicruz will be online after all?


I’m up for it! If nothing else it forces me to do my weekly planning earlier on Sunday, and Sundays are my “have toddler” morning, so I’m awake at 9 no matter what I’d prefer.


Ooh, being a Beeminder cofounder I can be useful here by … [drum roll] … establishing focality! Watch this.

This is officially on, Sunday Feb 23 at 9am pacific (noon eastern, 6pm CET)

The official room is which should accept the first 4 people to connect . If that’s full then is the overflow room.

(I personally can’t make that time – I’m at speedskating practice with our 11-year-old then – but eager to hear how these go and interested in checking one out in the future.)