if i erase a goal will it erase my pledge?

I got confused with the rules so i derailed just for the graph to start on the point I considered the starting point. Now I gotta pay and its unfair :frowning:

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yup - if you delete a derailed goal, the charge won’t happen!

(yes, a little bit of a loophole, but you can only delete a goal in the first 7 days. and most derailments in that timeframe are due to confusion or poor goal setup, which we wouldn’t really call legit :slight_smile: )

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As a note for future searchers: no payments actually occurred; support undid the derailment and canceled the pending charge.

As always, if there’s genuine confusion or unfairness, then a derailment probably isn’t legitimate. Just reply to the legitimacy check email and our valiant support team will fly into action.