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IFTTT Pre-Launch

Ya, I don’t know what happened. I got 404’d when I’m signed out, hmmm.

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That’s because the channel is still secret. Only people who’ve gotten in on the beta – – can see it.

I moved a post to an existing topic: IFTTT Channel is LIVE!!

Definitely include something like this for must do or most important or must achieve tasks.

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Agreed! Will add. Just added Todoist to the list too. Does it let you edit the list above? We made it a wiki but I’m not sure if it lets just anyone edit… Anyway, normal replies are fine too!

In case you’re still looking for examples, I just published a recipe I use
to automatically count blog posts towards my blogging goal:

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I see this works with counting files in a dropbox folder. Any ideas on counting words? I have a Draft goal but i’m a not very good connection and often Draft goes offline which means you can’t write anything, which is a bit counter-productive.

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Is there a way to add recipes that modify the road?


Sadly, no. We haven’t done any triggers or actions around road shape.

This is a great place to let us know of use cases you have in mind for that. Things like “flatten my road when the forecast calls for rain”? The 1-week akrasia horizon is a bit much for that.

In other IFTTT news, we scheduled the launch for Friday but then let them know of something we want to improve [1] so we’ll see if that delays the launch or not…

[1] For the “n days of safety buffer” trigger there really should be an ingredient for choosing whether that fires for “less than or equal” or “greater than or equal” or “exactly equal”


Basically, if something happens give me n days to do something about it.
If I get an email from my mother, increase the road by one (in 2 days) on my ‘Email mother’ goal.
If a new item appears in an rss feed, increase the road by one (in 7 days) on my ‘Read blog’ goal.


Totally agree that that needed addressing. I’m yet to receive a kitty gif, despite being over and exactly equal to the buffer requirement.

I didn’t really want a kitty in my inbox though. I wanted to see if I could use it to report my safe days to a spreadsheet so I could find the maximum and check that I’m keeping up with it. A temporary solution to keep me striving while I’m waiting for the peak safe days waterline feature.

So, will that greater than or equal to trigger fire just once when I reach the limit from underneath or will it fire once for every day I have at least that amount? More often than that? I’d like it to fire multiple times for my use but not much more than once a day.


Would you please consider:

If the goal safe days is not integer, it is impossible usually to apply ‘exactly equal’ trigger, and the only way is to do the above.

Edit: Oh my bad… I was confusing safe days which is always integers with amount of goal to derail…

But I think for completeness, this would be still useful for some nerdy users. Like triggering with some range 0 to 2 gives you high level warning (flashing handphone + sound + other crazy alarms) , for 3 to 7 medium level warning (gentler reminder) and for 7 to 10 low level warning (a very kind notification that it is better to work on this.

For another nice application, see my next post

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Wouldn’t “flatten my road when there is a calendar event named Foo” be an implementation for Weekends-Off, etc.?

I basically gave up on doing this via the API, but I am still very interested in getting the feature somehow.


Great idea to tweak the road based on calendar events! I’m pretty good about putting holidays and breaks on my calendar each semester, but I tend to forget to adjust my goals before the break is upon me. (Fortunately for me, when it comes to work related goals, if I’m too busy to remember to flatten the road, I probably also have built up enough buffer to let me survive another week at the current rate.)

I’m enjoying the IFTTT integration already. I’m hoping a do less beemergencies goal will prompt me to stop having so many eep days because of data entry lazyness. Similarly, a meta goal to make sure I update my weight goal at least weekly should help with the “as long as I don’t enter a number, I’m still on track” sort of denial. Goals autopopulating other goals without having to resort to the API is just so handy!


I can imagine a lot of useful automation here for automation of the 1 week road flattening or 1 week automatic road dialing.

Auto road dial when a certain calendar event happens which will absorb the whole next week with work (for relevant work to the goal => dial up, for other type of work => dial down) and send me notification for the change.

Rain prediction => auto flatten road and send me notification for the change

This would be a joy to see the automatic road changes depending on my future from my intelligent system. This is an AI system just by using IFTTT.

I can imagine even a nice implementation of @drtall script to calculate the past 1 week average and modify the road dial accordingly. He mentioned this in another thread here.

To implement this I can imagine roughly to make 3 triggers which are 3 ranges of safe days (0 to 10 ,11 to 20, 21 to 50) and adjust the road dial steepness accordingly.

The best way to implement it of course if we get triggers for the historical weekly averages instead of safe days, where it would be feasible for a full implementation for @drtall idea just by IFTTT.

Isn’t that super cool? :smile:

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I’ve got a file that does this for repeating days of the week (E.g. as a way to schedule weekends), if you’d like it? It’s in “dayoffscheduler.php” here:

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If you want to record all the safe days to a spreadsheet you could set N very high and then the trigger will fire.

I actually just set up a recipe like this for one of my goals because I’m not certain of what the behavior is on how often the trigger will fire… My intention was that it would trigger once per day for every day that the buffer is less than or equal to N, however, I think the conditions are actually a little bit different.

Anyhow, I can control how often it’s triggering on our end based on how I uniquify the IDs I’m assigning to the event data before I return it to IFTTT. So that’s nice news, because there isn’t development / review feedback loop for me to fix it (-:



Hey all, I moved the list of 57 Recipes to this new thread announcing the official Channel: