Implementation Intentions and Beeminder


Is anyone using implementation intentions with Beeminder and if so, how? Also, what Beeminder goals do you think would work well when combining implementation intentions with Beeminder?

I just want to find out how other Beeminder users are using implementation intentions with Beeminder so that I may get a better idea about creating Beeminder goals with implementation intentions. I already have one such goal, No Snooze.

My goal statement is this: IF my alarm goes off in the morning, THEN I will
get out of bed without hitting the snooze button and make my bed, and then
do some pushups.



Whoa! I was unfamiliar with the term of art until your wikipedia link, but
I have played around with the concept in a funny, narrow way, by testing
whether sleep can work as a reward for behavior modification (IF I
accomplish X, THEN I can sleep).

Would it make sense to link IFs and THENs programmatically, using, say, the
Beeminder API plus, or is the spirit of the thing more in
the mental connection and rule-enforcement, as in your example?


The spirit of the thing is more in the mental connection and rule
enforcement. It also has a lot to do with remembering cues for when you
should do something e.g. IF I feel like a snack, THEN I will eat some
fruit. Or IF I find myself staring into the fridge, THEN I will shut the
fridge door.

I was thinking that it may be useful to use them in a programable-self way
with Beeminder.

Some more links on this subject you may like:



The original scientific paper on Implementation Intentions from 1999 is surprisingly readable: