iPhone app notifications displaying the wrong day of the week + deltas are broken

I currently have two goals with time due by tomorrow and another with time due on Saturday. However, the push notifications I got today for all three of these goals read Saturday.

On the Gallery page, these goals read:

  • +0.57 due Fri night by 04:00am
  • +0.52 due Fri night by 04:00am
  • +0.4 due Sat night by 04:00am

However, the push notifications have read:

  • …needs +0.57 by Sat at 4:00
  • …needs +0.52 by Sat at 4:00
  • …needs +0.4 by Sat at 4:00

Additionally, deltas don’t seem to be displaying correctly.

On the actually website, they are correctly listed as “+1.32, +6.32, +11.32”, but the app seems to be ignoring datapoints which were added today. This has been going on for some time now.


Thanks or the bug report!

This specific item might have to do with changes in the road slope rather than whether the goal is recently sync’d. I notice that your example agrees that today needs +1.32, and it’s after today that the two start to differ.

I’ve noticed that too. And certainly it sometimes takes the app a while to notice that a datapoint has been entered elsewhere (whether via autodata or on the website). The syncing has improved in recent versions, though sometimes the display of recent datapoints is stale.

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After look at the behavior further, I actually have no idea what it’s doing. It doesn’t seem to be following any clear pattern.

I did a little experiment and started with this:

Now, there is a slight discrepancy because 40/week hasn’t kicked in yet (it’s still currently at 35/week). However, it doesn’t seem like that should matter because on the web it was properly displayed as “+2.28, +7.28, +12.28” which are the correct values for 35/week. I then added a small dummy datapoint and it changed to this:

On the web, the values correctly changed to “+2.25, +7.25, +12.25”. The app behavior really makes no sense because the goal is 40/week, not something like 8/day with weekends off. Even if it were erroneously displaying a slope of 40/week, it would display something like “+2.25, +7.96, +13.67.”

But overall the display of deltas on the app is super inconsistent. Today for one goal, I have +0.55 due. The detas on the app displayed as “+0.55, +0.55, +0.55”. My daily rate is 0.57, so that should read “+0.55, +1.12, +1.69”. I met my goal for the day, and as of right now the website states there is +0.099 due tomorrow. Here is what the app displays:

So now it only displays one green delta, even though this delta is due tomorrow, so it should be blue. I also just realized that there’s a bug on the website as well, because here’s what I’m seeing for this same goal:

So for whatever reason, the true green value is +0.67, but even the top of the goal’s page is showing the blue value as the green one. Something’s not lining up!