Is being above the road a good thing?

I just started Beeminder today and my dot is above the road. Is that a good thing or not?

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It is usually a good thing.

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Hi, Patricia! Welcome to Beeminder. I’m Grayson, a fellow Beeminder user.

I took a look at your Beeminder user page, and both of your visible goals are what Beeminder calls “Do More” goals: a goal to motivate you to do more of something. For Do More goals, being above the road is awesome – it means you’re ahead of the game!

In general, you can tell which side of the road is the “awesome ahead of the game” side by looking for the thin yellow stripes: you want to be on the same side of the road they’re on. Using one of my own Do More goals to illustrate:

I hope this helps!