"Last fetch" time on IFTTT goals seems nonsensical

My tweet less goal is currently saying “This data is autogenerated from your IFTTT account. Last fetch: about 8 hours ago” under it.

I can’t ascribe any meaning to that 8 hour figure. The last tweet recorded in it is considerably less than 8 hours ago. Is the number not actually something meaningful, is it wrong, or is it meaningful but highly non-obvious?

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My suspicion is that this is tied to the underlying problem:
“Last fetch”  time  on IFTTT goals seems nonsensical

An increasing number of autodata goals are updated by push rather than fetch. So that so-called “last fetch time” is probably tied to a scheduled graph refresh, such as the first reminder time.

Most of our early integrations could fetch data. These are the ones where the refresh-arrow above your graph usefully does something other than regenerate the graph. Many of them were belt-and-braces integrations, with some datapoints pushed to us by the underlying service, alongside a periodic ‘true up’ fetch to make sure that we hadn’t missed anything.

Many of my goals are fed by Zapier, IFTTT, or the API, none of which can be sensibly fetched. In some cases, like Zapier, we can link you to the relevant page where you can manually trigger a push.

But under the hood, we don’t yet make the distinction between autodata sources that can push or pull.

One annoying side-effect of this is that I often load an api-fed goal’s webpage and have it announce that it’s “checking for new data” and redrawing the graph. Since it’s not actually fetching data, but is trying to and then timing out, there’s often quite a delay before I can view the graph that I wanted.

If this spurious ‘fetching’ is annoying to you, too, then please ‘like’ this comment so that finding a fix gets bumped up the UVI priority list…


Tagging this #UVI

EDIT: Discourse’s search is not actually good enough to search for the string “#UVI”. We could try something like #UVIIDEA.

EDIT AGAIN: Looks like this is fixed as of 1.4.0.beta8! So “#UVI” it is!


I’ve been trying to see my backlog graph for ages. When the pseudo-fetch times out, we now helpfully display a ‘retry now?’ button. If I press that or reload the page, it retries the nonsensical fetch, times out, and helpfully displays a ‘retry now?’ button. If I press that or reload the page…

Very tempted to switch it back to ‘manual’ from ‘api’, despite the visual side-effects that’ll have.

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